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+Chelmsford’s Diocesan Synod Address

I thought this address to Chelmsford’s Diocesan Synod was actually really good. First, on mission and evangelism +Stephen sounds like a Bishop who actually means and does what he says. Secondly, on human sexuality, he indicates the right kind of

Bishop of Oxford’s Presidential Address

It’s quite well considered. When I say I’m bored with sex I hope you won’t misunderstand me. But in another part of the forest, wearing my lead bishop on education hat, I’m being deluged at present with a campaign of

Sean Doherty on the Pilling Report

Writing for the Kirby Laing Institute of Christian Ethics in Cambridge. The Report actually acknowledges its own ‘relative paucity of scriptural discussion’. This, it blames on the fact that whilst ‘there has been much written on the subject,’ there is

Audio from Pilling Presentation to Synod

It’s worth a listen.

College of Bishops Statement on Pilling

It’s everything I said it would be. The College of Bishops met on 27th January, 2014 to begin a process of reflection on the issues raised by the Pilling Report (GS 1929). The College expressed appreciation to Sir Joseph Pilling

Living with Holiness and Desire

I thought it might be interesting to look at the prologue to the Pilling Report, Living with Holiness and Desire by the Revd Dr Jessica Martin. The beginning Desire begins and ends with God. We who are creatures recognize our