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Fulcrum Response to Pilling

It’s out and it’s good. D. Concerns about the main Report In particular, in the light of the Dissenting Statement, we express the following concerns about aspects of the Report: Although the church’s teaching is upheld, its theological and biblical

Two Interviews this Weekend

Yesterday (Sunday) I did two interviews for the BBC. The first was on BBC Merseyside on the Pilling Report. The second was for BBC Jersey on the ongoing saga around the suspension of the Dean and the new Steel

Pilling – Two Thoughts

Two thoughts as I digest Pilling (remember folks, it’s just a discussion document) and do bits of media around it. First, the idea that permitting clergy to pretty well do what they want liturgically doesn’t change our doctrine is a

Pilling – Bishop of Birkenhead’s Dissenting Statement

You need to read the whole Pilling Report, but the Bishop of Birkenhead’s dissenting statement spells out all the issues much better than I could. —- 415. It is with much regret that I have concluded that I cannot sign

Deciphering Michael Perham

The Bishop of Gloucester made the news this weekend for some remarks he made at a meeting with the “Gloucestershire Gay and Lesbian Community” (I don’t think that’s the groups’ actual name) where he made these remarks. [The Church] has