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The Second Day

It is not the day of farewell when the despair sets in. Surrounded by family and friends the grief of death and burial enmeshed with the comfort of companionship sustains and carries and finally surrenders to the sleep that is

The Bowl

Dip your hands and then raise them above the bowl See, the water runs off as the heifer lies dead beneath you an atonement for the innocent murdered. Our hands did not shed this blood Nor did our eyes see it.

Catullus – Carmen 16

Certificate 15 post warning. All the 15+ stuff after the read more tag.

Set Apart

Holiness is not the Cult of Nice servicing humble Cups of Tea Holiness is burning in the tabernacle exorcisms at five to midnight visions by naked men in bathtubs of excrement Christ represented in word and bread and wine and

Half Lives

When you enter the House of Prayer and, finding it a Den of Thieves go. Is is time for something New? Clear zeal for one but when they refuse to answer questions like they did with you would you just


Lay your child down Mary, bound by cloth and linen strips and laid in a box. A tiny bundle of flesh and bones descended in blood and filth and screaming for all the world to hear the sounds of new

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