Anniversary Begins

Rev and Dr Ould began their first wedding anniversary by going to see Tony Hadoke at the St Albans Maltings Theatre last night. Hilarious, especially the George Galloway joke.

Which unfortunately, isn’t in the clip below.

Sloppy Liberal Exegesis

I’ve just read this on page 23 of the SPCK published “An Acceptable Sacrifice; Sexuality and the Church“:

Many aspects of the sexual morality of the Old Testament are either unfamiliar or uncomfortable for modern readers … There is no prohibition of prostitution, and indeed Proverbs 6:26 seems to recommend it as an alternative to . . . → Read More: Sloppy Liberal Exegesis

Martyn Minns cuts to the chase

As some of you know, certain bishops have yet to receive an invitation to the 2008 Lambeth Conference. Though he is at the centre of the argument over who should and shouldn’t attend, Minns has some interesting points to make from a letter last weekend:

What does all this mean? First of all it is . . . → Read More: Martyn Minns cuts to the chase

Empire Day!!!

Yes it is!! (as my bro has kindly pointed out). So enjoy the indulgence below and then click on play to complete the experience.

The earth is a place on which England is found, And you find it however you twirl the globe round; For the spots are all red and the rest is all . . . → Read More: Empire Day!!!

Rowan Williams on Homosexuality

A fascinating series of questions and answers from the Archbishop of Canterbury is available on the Global South Website. The Q&A session took place after a lecture on the 12th of May. Of particular interest for me is this exchange on homosexuality:

Q: In your opinion, what is the Bible’s view on homosexuality?

I’m surprised . . . → Read More: Rowan Williams on Homosexuality

1st Wedding Anniversary is a week away!!!

Rev Ould with Dr Ould sat on him yesterday evening at the wedding reception of friends. We had just returned from Oxford where Dr Ould had officially become Dr Ould in a ceremony full of Latin and bowing.

And for those who want to know – Yes – after a while the feeling in . . . → Read More: 1st Wedding Anniversary is a week away!!!

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