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Guest Post – Should legal marriage imply consenting to sex?

A guest post by Andrew Lilico Dressed up in fine words and aspirations, a traditional European marriage was at root a deal.  The parties agreed to have sex with each other and only with each other, and to provide materially

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Married to a Queer Man

An amazing piece two days ago on Rachel Held Evans’ blog. Here’s just some of the brilliance. Note that this is a guest blog so it is not Rachel talking about her own experience. There’s a lot I could say about

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Redefining Marriage

It has become apparent to me over the past few days engaging with people on social media on the issue of same-sex marriage that the over-whelming majority of the proponents of the current moves to change the legal definition of

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The Mess the Government is In

Charles Moore in the Telegraph nails it. Such lobbyists naturally believed that all you had to do to allow gay marriage was to extend to same-sex couples exactly the same law as applied to existing, heterosexual marriages. Too late, they

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More Arguments for Polygamy

Fascinating Stuff. While the Supreme Court and the rest of us are all focused on the human right of marriage equality, let’s not forget that the fight doesn’t end with same-sex marriage. We need to legalize polygamy, too. Legalized polygamy

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The AAC on Men and Women


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