A Guide to Self-Hating

This post by Lisa Fox is causing a bit of a stir today. Apparently, shock-horror, it turns out that Bishop John-David Schofield of San Joaquin is a celibate homosexual and furiously traditional and orthodox in his theology. "Oh no", screams Lisa (to paraphrase – obviously). That means that he is a:

self-loathing person who attacks gay men and lesbians!

Right. OK. Deep Breath. Let’s just think this one through. Is the general principle being applied here:

  1. That all homosexuals are self-loathing
  2. That all celibate people are self-loathing
  3. That self-identified celibate homosexual people are self-loathing but self-identified celibate heterosexual people are not?

If Mrs Fox could give an answer I’m sure the likes of Mother Teresa, John Stott, and the last umpteen number of Popes would love to know. Oh, and Lisa, for the record, those of us who are "self-loathing person"s prefer the title ex-gay or post-gay. It’s less hysterically emotive. Though of course I freely admit that in my case my marriage to Gayle probably compounds my self-loathing even more. I must be a twisted and tortured, deeply, deeply in love soul indeed.

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