A Comment that everybody should read

David Lambert just made a really important comment on my press conference report:

It strikes me that, as has already been identified by at least one commentator, the real issues are NOT to do with whether a literal reading of convention resolutions leads to an understanding of the response to the Windsor Report, or whether those in authority are being disingenuous by saying one thing in public and then allowing contrary practice, or even whether those who see themselves as orthodox have overstepped the mark (and possibly strained the intent of the Windsor Report) by seeking to provide support (or is that oversight) to those of like mind. The real issues are far more fundamental. They come down to that ancient question “What think ye of Christ?”. Let those in authority stand up and declare their belief, acknowledge Jesus as Lord, recognise the all-sufficiency of the Cross. It is then, working from a set of confessed common beliefs, that the Anglican Communion can move forward. Until this confessional church is able to confess together (in more than one sense), the work of reconcilliation is doomed. It may be that the time has come for pruning if the vine is to remain healthy.

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