The SORS Committee for tomorrow morning is announced

Anglican Mainstream has the skinny.

(1) The Speaker has allocated the draft Regulations to the Twelfth Delegated Legislation Committee••• and has appointed Mrs Janet Dean Chairman•••; and
(2) the Committee of Selection has nominated seventeen Members to serve on the Committee: Mr Clive Betts, Liz Blackman, Mr Tim Boswell, Chris Bryant, Mr David Burrowes, Lorely Burt, Jeremy Corbyn, Angela Eagle, Michael Fabricant, Barbara Follett, Dr Evan Harris, Mrs Eleanor Laing, Meg Munn, Dan Norris, Dr Nick Palmer, Mr Dennis Skinner and Jeremy Wright.

Chris Bryant??? Clive Betts???

Furthermore, given that the best research shows that only 2% to 3% of the population identifies as gay, why is at least 11% of this committee gay? Anybody care to highlight for me which of the MPs are Christian?

Update 21:45 –  It’s been pointed out to me that David Burrowes (Con) is a Christian.

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