Sadly for us, the Swiss do it so much better

By now you’ve endured the UK entry for Eurovision and sent me the bill for the consequential therapy. Now, for a lesson in how to do dance music properly, sit back and enjoy the Swiss entry.

Did you see what they did there? Can I mention the following things just to make the point:

  1. They watched last year’s Song Contest and picked up the ethos of the winning song
  2. The writer is a huge worldwide Eurodance star – his 2003 single “Chihuahua” was the second biggest seller globally
  3. It has proper orchestration
  4. The performers don’t look as though they’ve just stepped out of Poptastic

Basically, it’s serious music.

4 Comments on “Sadly for us, the Swiss do it so much better

  1. Great……err! I think!
    One thing they dont tell you in the classics as well as vampires having a liking for blood they also have great dance moves.
    Peter do you really think this one stands a chance too……….?
    Roll on eurovision……!

  2. Ummmm…… I don’t know if the tongue in cheek on our entry came across, but I don’t think Scooch have even a very very very slim chance. Switzerland on the other hand have a HUGE chance with this – a really catchy tune, some top remixes (I’ll try and get one up on the site shortly) and a fantastic stage show.

  3. I don’t rate the Swiss entry at all. It has ‘desperation’ written all over it.

    As far as the UK goes, I’m not as pessimistic as you, Peter (only slightly more optimistic, mind you – I just don’t think we’ll get ‘nul pwa’). If you think Scooch is bad – wait til you see the Ukrainian entry…

    I will probably be voting for Sweden. Glam Rock – Yeah!

  4. Peter….And here was me thinking you just LOVED Scooch. I was gonna send some money for you to get help but now i can relax. I was wondering what section of society Scooch are trying to reach……………mmmm. let me guess. Bring back Katrina and the Waves and Bucks Fizz.

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