M’Lord ArchBishop on SORS

Cranmer has succint analysis:

Despite a protest by hundreds of concerned Christians, Baroness O’Cathain has failed in her attempt to defeat the Sexual Orientation Regulations in the House of Lords, which the Roman Catholic Church says could lead to the closure of its adoption agencies. The Regulations will outlaw discrimination against homosexual people in the provision of goods and services, and there are immense concerns about the potential impact on church schools.

The regulations undoubtedly compromise religious liberty and will result in litigation over the content of classroom teaching. It will be difficult for teachers to address the topic of heterosexual marriage, or to talk of homosexuality as ‘sin’. Not since 1559 has there been an Act of Uniformity requiring everyone to assent to a particular worldview, and it took more than 300 years to eradicate that. But 2007 sees a new Act of Uniformity which elevates sexual orientation to a quasi-religious status which trumps any religious worldview which opposes it. It is secular pluralism by statute law.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, accused Tony Blair of an ‘abuse of parliamentary democracy’ in forcing the regulations through the Commons, with no debate and a single vote which the Government won. “Profound public concern about aspects of these regulations has not been heard,” he said. Bill Cash MP told the Prime Minister: “You have given more preference to those who stand for gay rights than those who are concerned with conscience, with family and with religion.”

Christians who oppose the SORs are insulted, persecuted and compared with extremists. They are ‘bigots’ who simply do not understand. Cranmer has experienced and knows the consequences of such sentiment only too well.

Why is it that homosexuals who will not tolerate the doctrinal stance and consciences of Christians may not be similarly abused?

And why is David Cameron and the Shadow Cabinet siding with the Government on this? Has the NewCon Party lost sight of the foundational importance of religious liberty and freedom of conscience? Has it forgotten that these hard-won liberties are crucial for the peace and security of the Realm? Has Mr Cameron forgotten, if he ever knew, what it means to be Conservative in the realm of religion?

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  1. In view of the Government and Liberal whips not allowing their MPs and Peers a free vote for this weeks passing of the new Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) as they were forced through the House of Commons and the Lords at unseemly undemocratic haste. Is this what the Government calls democracy? Using outrageous undemocratic and underhand tactics to force these unwelcome new rules on the majority. Should the silent majority now accept this so called democratic process and these unwelcome new rules?

    I would like to ask the Government and its liberal supporters; democracy what democracy? You mean riding roughshod over the majority without debate to appease a 3% militant minority? What is it now, the 9th piece of gay rights legislation in nine years of New Labour Government. That sounds more like a Government obsessed with gay rights to me. Like so many liberals when someone dares to make a stand and say enough is enough. Liberals make the ‘cheap shot’ of calling all Christians and people of other faiths who opposed these half baked SORs ‘homophobic’.(liberals are only liberal when people agree with them). There was enough legislation all ready in place to protect homosexuals from discrimination. In any case I see no evidence of your so called ‘homophobia’ from Christians. Merely Christians saying we have rights too; the right to our beliefs, our values and conscience, the same values and beliefs that have been around since Christianity began. But perhaps you think all Christians should now in the name of liberal modernism ditch those and values and beliefs to fit in with trendy new liberal thinking?

    As a BBC opinion poll revealed this week there is more discrimination against Christians than any other group in UK society today. If you want to talk phobias, maybe the ‘liberal trendies’ should address their real ‘Christianphobia’ before making false accusations of ‘homophobia.’

    The truth is if you are interested, as a Christian I love everyone and judge no one, as we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. The Lord will be the judge of us all one day, that includes you and me. Remember respect and tolerance cuts both ways. I don’t ever remember any homosexual being forced to accept Christian beliefs and values, however, with the new SORs, Christians will be forced to accept homosexual ‘values and practices’ and act against their beliefs’ or face being arrested.

    Now is that what you call democracy?

    Well I suppose it is, new labour government, ‘stalanist style’.


    Simon, Buckinghamshire. UK

  2. Further Comments from Simon Icke on SORS and Christians making a stand for their beliefs and values.

    It’s time for Christians to be bold and stand and be counted and to use their combined strength through the democratic process, using the power of the word both written and verbal and by peaceful protest and campaigning. We should be proactive not reactive, ideally. But we shouldn’t be afraid to use plain speaking when it’s called for. As you can see from my postings on many sites( just do a search for Simon Icke), I believe in saying it as it is, even if the words are uncomfortable to many. I don’t believe in being ‘wishy washy’ or writing what people want to hear. In these difficult spiritual times for our nation there is a need for clarity and positive leadership. It’s not a time for sitting on the fence and seeing what happens.

    A few Christians have been empowered with the authority and wisdom of The Holy Spirit to speak clearly to this, mostly, godless society. My challenge is to the believers as well as the nonbelievers. If my words sometimes seem provocative that’s because they are meant to be. To disturb peoples comfort zones and make them think, whether they agree with me or not is not the point. As a Christian I am not in the business of being a sheep and following the crowd or trying to appease militant minorities who have a disproportionate say in our UK society.

    The silent majority have been ignored time and time again by this arrogant government and many people are starting to wake up and say ‘enough is enough’. In my view the SORs are a prime example of that. Two wrongs don’t make a right; how can it be right to discriminate against one group to appease another? To the extent where people will be asked to act against their deep held beliefs and values or risk being arrested. Despite reassurances from the Government.

    I am sure there are now going to be many instances of forced conflicts because of these rushed and ill thought out SORs. Christians didn’t want this, this arrogant Government through not listening to the genuine concerns voiced by many people of faith,(not just Christians), have brought this unprecedented situation about.
    It’s one thing as a Christian not to be judgmental and to show love and kindness to all people, but it is something else to have no respect coming the other way and for people to have their beliefs and values rubbed in the dirt. Especially when it is being led by the Government of the day!

    Myself and many others will continue to protest by peaceful means and within the law not just against these perceived unfair SORs but on many other moral issues facing this country. I hope in future many more ordinary decent people will join in this peaceful fight for our rights, our values and our Christian heritage.

    Fight the good fight with all your might, is the call, using wisdom, grace and love but also fairness and justice to all, not, just a militant few.




  3. In view of my outspoken previous comments about the SORs, perhaps an explanation of where I stand as a Christian might be of interest and why I feel as I do about the SORs. I hope this helps?

    Many unbelievers and liberal Christians make such assumptions about what they think Christians like myself think and why we take such a stand on being so strongly against these new Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORS). I cannot speak for others but I can honestly say my philosophy of life is simple: I look up to no one and I look down to no one. I see everyone as my equal. I try and look for the good in my fellow man or woman no matter who they are. I hate no one and I try and show Christian love to everyone. I cannot be self righteous or believe I am better than anyone. As I am a sinner like everyone else, it is not by what I say or do that brings my salvation, but the price Jesus Christ paid for me on a cross at Calvary. He gave his life for me a sinner, even though I am not worthy. It is only by His unconditional love, amazing grace and mercy that I am saved from death and reconciled to God, my Father in Heaven. Therefore with humility I try and live my life and help others where I can. But as a Christian I also believe in justice and truth, which includes all people being treated fairly and with equal justice. It is my sincere belief that these ill thought out SORS do not achieve that. In the Government’s zeal to try and be fair to gays they have either deliberately or by default discriminated against Christians and people of other faiths, making new laws that show no respect whatsoever for peoples deep held faith, beliefs and values. In a democracy it should be justice and fairness for all not just a vociferous militant minority.



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