An Exercise in the Fundamentals… CENSORED!!!

Yes it’s true – I’ve been censored!!

The Chinese government routinely blocks a number of websites, but you can find out if you get through the Great Firewall of China (gotta love the name) by testing you URL here. Sure enough, yours truly is inaccessible in Beijing. I am of course choosing to believe that it’s not because of a technical problem but because I am a serious danger to one of the world’s last Communist governments.

Why don’t you see if your website is blocked and let me know here.

2 Comments on “An Exercise in the Fundamentals… CENSORED!!!

  1. Well as it seems to block blogspot completely that’s an easy one to aswer. On blocking, I see that Siemens block for their employees – well it has links to lots of unsuitable sites!

  2. I’m still available, alas. I feel like Groucho Marx not wanting to be a member of any club that would have him. Perhaps it’s time for that week-long series of posts on the Falun Gong…

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