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Critic Radio!

My latest project. Enjoy! Episode One and the boys discuss the four points of the New Calvinist Movement as outlined by Mark Driscoll at the Resurgence conference in February 2011. There’s also a tribute at the end of the programme

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Quick Wins for Diocesan Websites

So, nice Archdeacon, you’ve finally got the parish reps to agree a parish profile and job and person specification. You’ve gone and bought advertising in both the Church of England Newspaper and the Church Times. You’ve put the diocesan website

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Things That Become Redundant Quickly

Number 27 – A 3.5″ floppy disc drive caddy. Suggestions for alternative uses, or its in the bin this lunchtime.

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In another life I have published the latest Twurch of England TwurchCast, which is all about the Natwivity! TwurchCast Five is here and it’s brilliant! We chatted to Huw Tyler, one of the team behind the Natwivity project which this

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Christian New Media Conference

Not a lot of blogging this week I’m afraid as I’m preparing a paper for the Christian New Media Conference this weekend. I’ll be starting to open up some issues around ecclesiology on the web, particularly in the areas of

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A Moment of Pure Geekdom

This is just beautiful. No other words to describe it. Technology at its best.

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