Adrian Warnock is no longer informative

That’s just a nice dramatic way to let you know that the awesomely wonderful Adrian Warnock (whose blog should be mandatory reading for all UK Evangelicals) has moved his location. Instead of the old .info url (hence my witty – or at least I thought so – title) he is now at Please note that there’s no w’s in the URL. Apparently that’s important.

Adrian’s just finishing off (amongst other posts) a great series on Penal Substitution which I’ve referenced in an article for our church magazine this month (out this Sunday I believe). We like Adrian. Adrian can stay.

2 Comments on “Adrian Warnock is no longer informative

  1. Peter, the link for Adrian Warnock’s blog appears to have a typo.
    it points to adrAInwarnock instead of AdrIAnwarnock.

    Thought you might want to know.

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