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Simone has been blogging about introducing her kids to the programmes she watched as a child and wandering into Lidl to find a pair of Biene Maja socks, of all things. Of course, the video she links to is a more up-to-date version then the one I grew up on. So, for the benefit of posterity, the proper opening to Biene Maja, followed by someone on the Austrian equivalent of the X Factor doing a slightly more modern (but also v cool) version.

Yes, it’s in German. What else did you expect?

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  1. hi Peter, thanks for enjoying my ‘trip down memory lane’ with me!

    I was aware of the earlier version of Maja than the one I grew up with. As I’m a bit younger than you are(;-), I have to give credit to the Japanese for succesfully ripping of your prgramme and to the Dutch for succesfully making me believe it was them who made it up!

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