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Loop Me Amadeus

Rise Like a Phoenix

Well now. What do you do when you’re a conservative Christian, you’re as good as Austrian as to make no real difference, and this wins the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest? Obviously Conchita Wurst divides opinion, but what she represents is

Austrian Election – Review

So, a quick review of my predictions (with all votes in and only postal ballots left to be counted). As I mentioned below, it was hard to predict the final outcome as no polls were published in the last week.

Austria Election Prediction – Final

The main difficulty in predicting the Austrian Election is that there are practically no polls in the final week. This means a projection of trends has to be inferred with no real data to identify whether the trends have continued

This Week’s Music

Haven’t done this for ages, but here’s the music I’ve been listening to this week. Peter Fox is particularly cool. He had a small stroke in his 20s which left him with a limp and with a characteristic loss of

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A Thing of Beauty

Most days at work I listen to the Austrian radio station Ö3 (the joys of having unlimited data on my phone). It’s one of the most successful radio stations in all of Europe, reaching approximately a third of all Austrians every

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