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  1. Did I say that?! I don’t recall using the word ‘loathe’.. He’s just different, though very entertaining – while wearing a sequined jacket one could only look on with the lower jaw some distance away from the upper jaw…..! He could do with a haircut, anyway..

  2. Rhydian goes to our church in Birmingham. He sat next to me in the service before the live finals started. The preacher asks us to share with each other things we need prayer for. I didn’t really know him, and he started sharing that he was on this TV programme and he felt that he was being protrayed very badly, and generally felt quite persecuted. As he went on, he said he was in the X factor final. My honest response (my husband is a psychiatrist!) was that this guy has some major paranoid delusions, fancy thinking he was on the X factor! Should I mention to the clergy that this individual was really quite ill? Maybe he’s a patient from the local psychiatric hospital?
    I then had to pray for him, and word my prayers in a way that covered both scenarios, raving loony or X factor finalist. I trusted the Lord to sort out the rest. When I got home I spoke to my husband about it, and he said how do you know he isn’t in the X factor finals. So I looked on the internet, and lo and behold he is. I thought he was singing the worship songs very well!
    We are really supporting him in our prayers as a church, and the negative media coverage has changed. I hope he wins, his voice is fantastic!

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