Who registered diosanjoaquin.org?

Huh? Like we care?

Well actually yes we do. There is a new Diocese of San Joaquin website to rival the proper one. The new one has been setup to give details of the Special Convention that is going to be held to reconstitute the Diocese.

Once I got past the hilarity that is the agenda for the convention, an agenda that tells you exactly who will be nominated for which post, who you will ratify and gives no space at all for nominations from the floor – even the delegates to the 2009 GC have already been decided (ain’t democracy in TEC wonderful? It’s great to justify the election of unholy Bishops but let’s not let it get in the way of manipulating meetings), I wondered who had registered the website. Seeing as it is in San Joaquin, it would obviously have been registered and built by someone in the Diocese, a member of the faithful remnant, one who was willing to do the work so that the Diocese could continue?

As if.

If you look at the registration information for the domain, you’ll see that all is not transparent in this community of love and inclusion and openness. The names of the registrant are witheld and instead you have the internet equivalent of a mail forwarding box.

Registrant ID:  tuz9dhsLYgMsbL9A
Registrant Name:  contactprivacy.com
Registrant Organization:  Contactprivacy.com
Registrant Street1:  96 Mowat Ave
Registrant Street2:  
Registrant Street3:  
Registrant City:  Toronto
Registrant State/Province:  ON
Registrant Postal Code:  M6K3M1
Registrant Country:  CA
Registrant Phone:  +1.4165385457
Registrant Phone Ext.:  
Registrant FAX:  
Registrant FAX Ext.:  
Registrant Email:  diosanjoaquin.org@contactprivacy.com

Would it be too much for 815 to simply admit that they have manufactured this new diocese from the start, that there is no-one left on the ground who could in anysense be handed the administrative tasks? The very fact that they cannot be open and transparent about something so simple as who registered the website is a clear sign that talk of welcome and love is just duckspeak.

So, would anybody from 815 like to clarify for us in whose name the domain is (and was originlly) registered and who did the website design? Betcha anything they don’t have anything to do with the new Diocese of San Joaquin.

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  1. If I do find out that earlier on the statement about nominations being accepted from the floor wasn’t there when the web site was initially set up, what would that prove to you? I don’t have any way of knowing what you would choose to think, but I would presume that the web site was in the early stages of development, and all the information was not available at that time. Or, I might find out that all the information was out there. Is it really important? Stop and think a minute about the paradign of thought governing your thinking. I think you are living in a world view that condemns everything that has to do with TEC, and that applauds everything that is in opposition. That is not very healthy if you are not always trying to discern the truth. We must never lose sight of that.

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