Society of Archbishop Justus Responds

Simon Sarmiento kindly replied to my email about the redirection of the subdomain. Here’s what he had to say (with emphasis added).

We made the change after receiving a specific request to do so from the Chancellor of the Presiding Bishop of the US Episcopal Church.

I notice on your website, though not in your email to me, that you reference the Anglican Communion Office. You may wish to know that we have had no communication whatsoever from the Anglican Communion Office.

My response to Simon and SoAJ remains the same. Given the controversy still existing over whether the new diocese is the legal succesor, isn’t this a political move that takes a specific side in the debate? I’ve replied as follows:

Doesn’t your agreement to do what the Chancellor requested involve taking a specific viewpoint on a yet unsettled issue (whether the new diocese is the valid Anglican authority in the territory covered by San Joaquin diocese)? Have you considered the international ramifications of such a move amongst those who currently rely upon your perceived impartiality?

3 Comments on “Society of Archbishop Justus Responds

  1. Yet another example that the Episcopal Church has divided. Litigation is now driving TEC in its decision-making processes. The marriage is failing – can it yet be saved?


  2. Is this the same Simon Sarmiento from “Thinking Anglicans?” If so, of course it’s a political move that takes a specific side in the debate. I’m surprised the entire Global South hasn’t yet been shut off and redirected to “Telling Secrets.”

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