Day of Favour

It was on 5th September 2007 that we used the dipstick. Peter had already speculated the day before that we might be pregnant, but I didn’t want to raise false hopes or jump to conclusions so I played down the fact that I was two days late and had erupted in spots all over my chin… Instead, Peter took the initiative and visited the local supermarket to purchase the pregnancy test – and a beautiful bunch of flowers! I arrived home to find him with wooden spoon in hand and creating an aromatic culinary masterpiece; then I read the shopping list and my eyes popped as I read the first item to be scanned through the checkout…

It was the hardest time I had not to pee! But within minutes of the test there was a strong line indicating positive HCG hormone detection. I can’t tell you how much it made us both feel so very blessed by God! The feeling was (and still is) overwhelming! We’ve been pregnant now for 8 months and we’ve known the Provident Hand of God over all three of our lives through every day of those months! We are so grateful!

In reflection of our feeling and gratitude, our Little One has been given the provisional name of Baruch – Hebrew for blessing. We remember the day we discovered our pregnancy as a true Day of Favour!

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