No reply from Society of Archbishop Justus

A week ago I sent Simon Sarmiento, a founder member of the Society of Archbishop Justus, an email as a follow-up to an initial inquiry about the changing of the pointing of Simon had responded to my first question stating that SoAJ changed the domain pointing after being requested to do so by the Chancellor to the Presiding Bishop (David Beers). This was what I wrote to him in response to that:

Doesn’t your agreement to do what the Chancellor requested involve taking a specific viewpoint on a yet unsettled issue (whether the new diocese is the valid Anglican authority in the territory covered by San Joaquin diocese)? Have you considered the international ramifications of such a move amongst those who currently rely upon your perceived impartiality?

A week later I still haven’t had a response. I think the silence speaks volumes.

Let me echo what Sarah Hey has just written:

Folks — if your conservative diocese, parish, organization or anything much else has a website administered by the Society of Archbishop Justus . . . well, surely I don’t need to spell it out. My hope is that such dioceses, parishes, organizations, or whatever else strives to behave as wisely as serpents, not as wisely as doves.

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