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  1. Swaddling may help a good deal – a kind of back-to-the-womb feeling may reassure young Reuben when he’s not actually being held.

    Texas mom

  2. Yes, they light to be wrapped really tight, with their little feet all drawn up in the fetal position. We used to call it the “baby burrito”. Congratulations to you both on your gorgeous son. This is a stunning picture.

  3. Too right!!!!! Nicely tightly wrapped Reuben + standing fan on for white noise = sleeping by himself in his own basket for over 2 hours while Mama and Papa have their own bed + first full poop nappy in 24 hours.


  4. Gorgeous! Wow! Gayle looks amazing for the lack of sleep and Reuben is gush-worthy!
    Yes, swaddling needs to be snug, although it takes a bit of experimenting to see whether or not they need one hand free or not. Each baby is …different! (Boy, that could be a refrain….) Enjoy the uniqueness of your little one! ‘Sleep when baby sleeps’ is the general rule–only I found that was the only time I could get anything done, so I was always torn. But if it’s a choice between sleeping or cleaning, bring on the pillows and duvet!
    Hang in there. It does get better. His first week or two of life, John Morgan would stay awake from dinner time until about 4 or 5am, then the next week it moved back to about 3 am, then 2am, then 1am and eventually about 11pm or so. It took much longer to get that to budge back to a more sane bedtime. He also didn’t want to sleep whenever he was lying down, but in his case it was reflux causing the problem. We put his bed on a slant and he started on Gaviscon, and life got better. At about 4.5 months he was sleeping about 6-8 hours at night. That all fell apart when he started solids a month or so later due to his uncooperative digestive system! Then he started waking every hour or so in pain. For months. On end. It took us two years to get him to sleep through the night again, but he’s finally there (most nights). Sorry. But that’s our story. I’m sure Reuben will be much holier and more considerate! But in any event, he will be loved and cherished and in the process gain a wonderful sense of being!

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