Apparently, some newborns in their second or third night simply will not get to sleep. Welcome Peter and Gayle to "Baby’s Second Night…"

Who’s the patron saint of Baby’s Second Night parents? I need to know and need the collect right now!!!!

Update at half past stupid o’clock in the morning – If Papa takes Reuben in his arms to read some blogs, then Reuben will stay asleep and Mama can get some sleep.

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  1. Yes, that is a good article you’ve linked to! That’s how we did it with our little ones. Nice to have a daddy around though to give mom a little break every so often.

    We were told (back in the 1970s and 80s) that newborns often had their days and nights mixed up. While in utereo, supposedly, they were rocked to sleep when mom was active and were active when mom was trying to rest. That’s often why in the last trimester you notice baby moving about, kicking, hiccups, etc., when you’re laying there in bed.

  2. According to the RCC Index, there are several saints for newborns. Of these I note 2: Zeno of Verona and Nicholas of Tolentino. The reason I note these 2 of the slightly longer list is that they are also patrons of other things, some of which may be applicable to you.

    Zeno is also the saint of fishermen, such as yourself (a fisher of men, so to speak).

    But you’ll be wanting Nicholas, won’t you? He’s also the saint of souls in purgatory. :)

    Blessings upon your expanding family!

  3. Do babies cry during the night? I never realised! Never heard either of ours crying.
    One of the key skills every father needs to learn is the ability to sleep heavily. I found it invaluable!!

  4. Hi Peter and Gayle–Welcome to the fellowship of tired parents! We’re so happy for you all and will send more than written blessings soon. Took a peek at the article which currently inspires you. Jan Barger (author) was our lactation consultant in Wheaton and is a former colleague of my (Nancy’s) mom, as well as a sister in the faith. Her daughter went to nursing school with my sister-in-law. Another of those 6 degrees of seperation things. Does the fact that she did a pro-bono consultation make her a defacto RL contributor?? Anyway, we think having kids was one of God’s best strategies for our sanctification. God bless you all. Will we see you at GAFCON?

    Nancy, for Mario and the Bergner clan

  5. Oh-oh, the first strategy in the ongoing play for dominance… “if you put me down I will cry until you feel bad/hassled/shattered enough to pick me up again.”
    Great times ahead! Congrats and best wishes (especially for some sleep). :)

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