Reuben Sleeps

Just a quick "thank you" to everybody who’s prayed for us over the past three days. Gayle’s milk has kicked in, Reuben is lapping it up and has done three nice long sleeps (2+ hours) without swaddling. All we need now is a nice browny yellow poo and we’ll know we’re on the way.

Do please keep praying, that Reuben would continue to grow in his sense of security and being, that he would be able to sleep longer (so Mama and Papa can sleep) and that when the midwife comes again on Thursday there’d be a huge thumbs up.

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  1. Well, I have yet to see a baby lap, but they sure know how to suck.

    And Peter – you probably haven’t considered this, being new to the role, but it is not going to do Reuben’s street cred a lot of good, when he starts bringing girls home, to know that the whole world has shared the description of the contents of his nappies!

    But he is adorable, and the picture you posted of him and his mother is charming. As for sleep – forget it!!

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