Embryonic Stem Cells – “They just want to make babies”

Here’s a brilliant comment from my previous post on the Embryology Bill:

I hope that a non-religious approach to this vastly misunderstood issue will appeal to some, so here goes, especially after an excellent scientific paper such as the one above.

The difference between adult stem cells (ASC) and embryonic stem cells (ESC) explains why ESC researchers have been failing for ten years and why they will continue fail to find even one therapy in the next decade to match what ASC are already doing. There are just two simple facts:

1—ASC are in the body to provide Medical Self Repair.
The reason that ASC researchers are improving thousands of lives for almost every disease and medical condition known to man, is that it is relatively easy to train an ASC to do what it was born to do: REPAIR. And when they start to repair what they were sent to repair, they stay there and reproduce, thus generating more repair.

2—ESC are in the body to make babies.
The reason ESC researchers always fail is that they cannot accept that ESC are “obsessive” in their desire to become babies. Good ESC researchers can sometimes, with great difficulty and at a very high cost in dollars and time, train an ESC to do what he or she wants it to do, such as improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s. But no one can control that cell’s impossible-to-stop desire to make a baby. ESC do not stay there to continue to reproduce and repair —there is no off-switch on an ESC, so it cannot be controlled while it wanders off “the job” and the too-frequent result is deadly tumors.

Now YOU know more about stem cells than 90% of Yanks and Brits, including doctors, all in just two minutes!

Don Margolis
International Center for
Adult Stem Cell Education

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