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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to use two hands simultaneously to be able to update this page! Thanks for your patience! The trick we’ve found today is The Mothercare Sling, which has given me a chance to have a content son as well as being content myself that I can get up and about and still have all limbs fully functioning in coordination..! Joy!

I know Peter has updated his website with pictures and news on his site ( but he didn’t give the story of our labour.. We had a most awesome birth experience!! We booked into Harlow and were allowed to use the Midwife-led birthing unit – complete with two beds (one for mum, one for dad), ensuite shower, bath and toilet, and a biiiiiiiiig birthing pool. We arrived about 4:30 am on Saturday morning and though I was only 3 cm dilated at the time, they allowed us to stay as it was obvious that things were moving.. By 8 am I was 7 cm dilated (1 cm dilation per hour) and was already in the pool and on the gas-and-air..! Boy, the gas-and-air was good – it was so easy to use and though it didn’t take the pain away completely, I found myself away with the fairies and vErY relaxed! Reuben arrived just before midday, so the labour was about 16 hours long (or only 6 hours 40 minutes from when I was considered to be in ‘established labour’). We had the most fantastic team of midwives looking after us throughout and we will remember them with much fondness for the rest of our lives. Just don’t ask Peter about the comments I made while on gas-and-air – apparently, I would make a very happy drunk! ;o)

Reuben is Hebrew for, “Behold, a son”, and before you ask, no, we’re not planning on providing him with 11 brothers…!!

And just for pure indulgence, here’s the video to match the blog title:

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