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Ask Peter – March

Sorry for the delay in getting this recorded – this week has been manic. There are occasional problems with the visuals but the sound carries throughout. Too little time to get it re-recorded!

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Ask Peter – February 2011

Here are my answers to the questions you posed over the weekend. In between hospital visits (Jonah is now back home) and funerals I managed to record this offering.

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Resurrecting “Ask Peter”

On a previous thread Ryan and I contemplated resurrecting the “Ask Peter” feature I had a while back. Simply put, if you want me to answer a question (usually theological, but I’ll take most things) then use the form below

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Ask Peter – Part Five

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Ask Peter – Part Four

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Ask Peter – Question One

Yes, they’re coming in thick and fast. Here’s my reply to the first question, asked by Ryan in Glasgow. Apologies for the sound sync problems – working on it!! I was wondering what you thought of Gagnon’s use of dodgy

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