A Mountaineer!!

That’s what the doctor said Reuben would be, after he wriggled and pushed up when he was placed on his front to have his spine checked out! I think we have what is called, ‘an active baby’…

Reuben had his immunisations yesterday. We know in the long run it will keep him protected, but he screamed a cry I’ve never heard before and I even shed a tear watching him being jabbed in each thigh – there was a tub of Haribo on the nurses desk and I’m sure it must be for the mums as well as the babes.. We had lots of cuddles to make sure Reuben felt secure. In the end, though, we didn’t have to reach for the Infant Calpol as he was just fine, no temperature and no grizzliness all day!

We have our Antenatal group reunion tonight. I don’t really know why it’s called a reunion since the ladies and babes see each other every week anyway!! But we haven’t got all the families together (dads included) since we attended the class sessions back in April; we’re hoping for a photo with everyone in it tonight – I’m taking my hairbrush to make sure I look nice…!! ;o)

3 Comments on “A Mountaineer!!

  1. I remember our first child’s first jab. He turned bright purple and screamed blue murder, just like it sounds Reuben did.

    You’ll find you become inured to it pretty quickly – even if Reuben doesn’t! ;-)

  2. Oh bless him! Hope that he’s continued to feel well since his jabs – sounds like he’s just getting stronger by the day! It felt like Marmalade was climbing a mountain last night in my tummy – she is so active and has quite some strength behind her now!
    How was your reunion last night? Hope you had fun! Just had a text to say that the second of our group is currently in labour! Such an exciting time! Love to you all x

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