An example of how some don’t get it

David Virtue’s latest offering:

St. Rowan’s Letter to Canterbury
A Satirical Essay

1. Rowan called to be an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God and our brother Sodomites. I say this because our brother Sosthenes died of HIV/AIDS last year. We spread his ashes over the Mediterranean, which promptly caused a health hazard in Cyprus and the authorities paid us a call. Therefore, I am writing to you in exile.

So many offensive stereotypes in so few words.

Bzzzzzzzt. Thank you for playing.

4 Comments on “An example of how some don’t get it

  1. That is fairly typical of a lot of the VirtueOnline “satire”.

    As Blackadder once said: it’s about as funny as getting an arrow through the neck and then finding there’s a large gas bill attached to it.

    I wonder whether DV, or his regulars, actually know any real gay people – not the kind who give those impossibly neat testimonies along the lines of “I had a week at university where I thought I might fancy a man but I got over it by having myself thrashed with birch twigs and then getting married and having 15 children”, but actual struggling (or indeed not struggling) people who experience SSA as an ongoing reality in their life.

  2. Hi Peter,

    I am not sure why you said “why some don’t get it.” I see it as an example that some don’t get it, but not providing explanatory power. Please elaborate.

    Or, are you saying that by writing these pieces on a popular site, he is perpetuating the problem, teaching people not to get it?

  3. Of course, there are far more David Virtues than gracious post/ex-gay types like yourself, Peter,  which is part of (from your perspective) the problem.  Evangelicals have made the point to me that the purpose of +Gene’s visit was merely to establish that he is a decent human being; even if this was the only purpose of it, the fact that it is suprising to hear gays spoken of in positive terms is far more the fault of a culture that has demonised homosexuals than it is of the liberal agenda.

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