8 Comments on “Spot the Difference

  1. More seriously: I always hate it when people change sites I have only just got to know my way round – nothing personal, Peter; I am really cross with Yahoo and Facebook, not you.
    One thing I notice most at the moment is how the far right column gets a bit squashed; some things, like the Kontakion, looked better with longer lines / fewer line breaks.

  2.  It would be worth putting a note about the Godwin’s Law rule on the main page, lest people get banned without understanding the reason and assume (unfairly) that you are opposed to dialogue of any sort, Peter.

  3. Ryan / Mark,

    Think I’ve fixed both your problems. The category icons should be framed with a border between them and the text and the comment box now has a reference to the comment policy.

  4.  Good stuff Peter. Like your new pic – is that St.Mark’s Venice? Good way to attract high church readers :-)

  5. :) at Robert S’s first comment…

    Very elegant tho’ I preferred the pic of you and Gayle at the top of the previous design.


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