Last Time Round

What with Jeffrey John and the colour purple becoming news again, I thought that some might like to see the original "Bishop of Reading" website again.

Here’s what it was all about:

The Bishop of Reading News Page was originally set up by myself, an ordinand in the Church of England and living in Oxford Diocese, after friends from across the world asked me to explain what was happening with the appointment of the new Suffragan Bishop of Reading. In response to these requests I produced the page to simply objectively catalogue news reports so inquirers could read a whole spectrum of opinion on the appointment.

Very early on into its life however, it became apparent that the readership was expanding beyond the initial circle of friends it was designed for and rapidly the News Page became a leading website for those seeking information on the appointment of Jeffrey John, with a large number of referrals from the major search engines.

At the start of July I was commissioned to produce the website for Anglican Mainstream and in doing so decided to bring the News Page under Mainstream’s banner. However, despite the new look this website will continue to catalogue impartially all UK media reports on the appointment of a new Suffragan Bishop for Reading. Advocacy of the position held by Anglican Mainstream will only appear on their dedicated website.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those from around the world who, regardless of their theological persuasion, have expressed their appreciation of the resources provide on this web-site. I will continue to add all relevant links from all sides of the discussion and welcome any suggestion for additions.

Peter Ould

Go and check it out now. It’s still exactly the same as when I stopped posting news stories over five years ago. In particular, the final ever news story I linked to is wonderfully prophectic….

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  1. As the site has only just gone up, the DNS propagation may not yet be complete. Try clicking on the link, and then when you get the holding page do a refresh while holding down the control button.

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