On Dostoevsky

Quote of the week award must, must, go to Bishop Alan who has this to say on Rowan’s new book on Dostoevsky:

Think about it. Rowan Williams on Dostoevsky could take longer to read than it did to write.


For the record, "An Exercise" is a huge fan of pretty well almost anything written by Rowan which doesn’t involve homosexuality, and even the first three quarters of "The Body’s Grace" is well worth a good beard stroke.

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  1. This is from a not-great memory but…. didn’t Muggeridge say that the (Christian!) thematic core of Dostoyevsky was “accept suffering, and be redeemed by it”?. Seems like something which resonates with your death to self post-gay theology. Rowan Williams’ writings were mentioned in my English Literature lectures, which is pretty impressive too.

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