Best of Austria #3

As a contrast to the last post, these are the two most important political moments of the post-war period.

Firstly, the Christmas 1945 address by the People’s Party Chancellor, Figl.

The translation is as follows:

Christmas 1945. The Second World War has passed and has caused great damage and misery for the people of Austria

Figl: I can give you nothing for Christmas. I can give you absolutely no candles for your Christmas Tree, if you even have one. Not a piece of bread, not a single lump of coal for heating, no glass to cut. We have nothing. I can only ask you, ‘Believe in this Austria’.

And finally, the moment in 1955 when the Austrian State Treaty was signed, the Russians left the country and Austria was free.

If you want the golden moment, move forward to around 4 minutes 15 seconds and wait for the magic phrase "Oesterreich ist Frei".

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  1. Figl’s Christmas speech is part of my quotes on my Facebook profile. It’s very moving. Thanks for sharing the videos, Peter.

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