Best of Austria #5 – Bit of Classical

Right, all the modern stuff is out of the way, here’s some of the best of the classics.

Firstly, the (in)famous Herbert von Karajan conducting the Vienna Philharmonic at a New Year’s Concert quite a few years back, with possibly the most well known of all Strauss waltzes.

And yes, I have no idea either why Austrian TV decides that it needs to put a ballet in half way through. Just go with the flow…

Next, the Radetzky March from last year’s New Year’s Concert. Although many foreigners might think that the Blue Danube is the quintessential Austrian piece of music, but actually, this is far more evocative of the Imperial past, and will always get a much bigger applause than the waltzes.

Watch the conductor right at the start indicating to the audience "Stop clapping muppets, your time isn’t quite yet" and then turning round to make sure they clap in time. Think "annoying person with tambourine in church congregation playing just out of time" to understand how irritating over keen audiences are.

And finally. Austrian classical music isn’t complete without this chap is it? Firstly the Turkish Rondo.

and now the best bits from his Requiem in D Minor

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