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Constitutional Changes Approved

Document Actions The 143rd Convention of The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has voted to remove its accession to the Constitution of The Episcopal Church.
The diocese has voted with a clear majority to remove its accession to the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church.

A total of 191 laity voted. 119 voted in favor. 69 voted against, 3 abstained. A total of 160 clergy voted. 121 voted in favor. 33 voted no. 3 abstained. 2 invalid ballots were cast.


Deputies to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh’s 143rd Annual diocesan convention voted by strong margins on October 4 to join the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone.
“We deeply value our shared heritage and years of friendship with those still within that denomination, but this diocese could not in good conscience continue down the road away from mainstream Christianity that the leadership of The Episcopal Church is so determined to follow,” said the Rev. Peter Frank, director of communications for the diocese.


The Standing Committee of The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh today took action to begin the process of recalling Bishop Robert Duncan to his position as diocesan bishop.  Bishop Duncan was involuntarily removed from the post by The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops on September 18.  While the diocese remained in The Episcopal Church, it submitted to the decision.  Now that the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh is part of the Province of The Southern Cone, it is free to invite Bishop Duncan back into leadership.

The move came minutes after the close of the 143rd Diocesan Convention.  After a short meeting, the Standing Committee officially announced the diocese’s plans to elect a bishop on November 7.  The election will take place during a special convention of the diocese.  It is expected that Bishop Duncan will be the only candidate on the ballot.

And all the people said……

Bottom line – they left because they believe this (and the leadership of TEC don’t)


Update – This is BabyBlue’s video of the historic event:

4 Comments on “Sound the Trumpets

  1. Great news indeed!   With +Duncan back in place in November, perhaps our wait for a North American Anglican Province will be over, and we can convert that to ++Duncan.


  2. What fascinates me is how the house of laity voted – just under half voted to stay within the Episcopal Church.  If they are representative of the lay members of the diocese overall, it presents the bishop and clergy with an interesting problem.

    On another matter, I think the chances of a North American Anglican Province in communion with Canterbury are pretty slim.  The actions of ++Rowan hitherto suggest that he will do all that he can to ensure that the Episcopal Church remains the authentic voice of Anglicanism in North America.

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