Defending the Language

On Saturday I spent a pleasant morning at a Diocesan CME event, looking at Mark’s Gospel with the wonderful Professor Morna Hooker. On the way out of the door, I grabbed a Bible to use, and this is the one that I took with me.

This is the version of the NRSV that is made for the UK market, removing Americanisms from the language (like the way colour is spelt "color").

It is known as the "Anglicized" version. Here is the blurb from the bible itself:

The work of Anglicization has been undertaken with considerable care in Britain, with the full support, encouragement and active participation of leading academics from the USA, who were responsible for the original work of translation. By this means the foundational scholarship which undergirds the NRSV has been safeguarded, but enhanced for readers in the United Kingdom, and other countries where British usage is preferred.


With a Z

What were they thinking?

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