More responses to the London Times “Ex-Gay” piece

This from Lisa Guinness:

She could not accept that times have moved on and academics and practitioners, secular and Christian, agree that sexuality is fluid and open to many influences and developments even in adulthood. Also, that many of us become stuck in this development and after puberty, genuine unmet pre-pubescent needs, become eroticised and present and, in their intensity, feel like our sexuality. We see Christians with a whole range of unwanted sexual behaviours: promiscuity, adultery, sexual addictions, using prostitutes, pornography.

and this from Mario Bergner:

Just this week her article on Exodus International, The Camp That ‘Cures’ Homosexuality appeared in the London Times Online.  It is a mix of accuracy, harsh judgments, contradiction and deception.  Her name is Lucy Bannerman and her writing style is compelling.  She tells a good story.  Her voice and point of view are crystal clear.  Miss Bannerman thinks ministries like Exodus International are, well, disgusting.   She judged all 800 people in attendance as having ‘awkwardness in common.’   At the same time she captures the sincerity of people seeking help for unwanted same-sex attractions.  From the article, quoting Michelle, Ms Bannerman’s  28 year old roommate at the conference, ‘My homosexuality is just one of many things to come from this place of pain, and all it gave me was a heart full of ache.’  So true.  Likewise, my experience of living in the gay lifestyle caused me deep heart ache.  The ache of short-term unfaithful lovers.  The ache of seeing many of my dear sweet friends die of AIDS in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  The ache of the fear of growing old realizing the gay community prizes youth and beauty and ridicules aging gay men as trolls, aunties and old queens.  The ache of never having my own biological children with the partner I love.  These are the aches that motivate many people to find a way out of homosexuality, either through the church or through psychotherapy.  For Christians, even if such attractions never go away, a life of singleness and holiness before God is better than the isolating emotional instability of the gay community. 

Go and read them both in their entirity and let me know what you think.

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