Who paid Dudley’s Bills?

As sound pointed out on the previous post, the legal team for Martin Dudley incuded Mark Hill.

Mark Hill is Chancellor of the Diocese of Chichester, on the Legal Advisory Commission of the General Synod, on the General and the Executive Committee of the Ecclesiastical Law Society and is Chairman of the Editorial Committee and Editor of the Ecclesiastical Law Journal.

I wonder how much he costs and who paid?

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  1. I think, according to the clergy discipline measure, the person doing the complaining gets legal support form their own diocese, and the person being complained against (here being Martin Dudley) has to go elsewhere. According to what I’ve been told, there is usually an agreement in place that the legal team from another diocese would step in (as they understand church law), but the costs for this defense must not be borne by either diocese. I guess he is getting legal aid or that he has some nice friends.
    As I say, I think that is the case.

  2. I’m insatiably curious.

    I don’t do conspiracy theories, I do analysis. I’m simply wondering how much the Chancellor (who is a top top canon lawyer) cost and where the money came from?

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