More on Homosexuality and Idolatory

In this lecture I outlined how we can view homosexual activity as a form of idolatory, as engaging in homosexual activity involves an action which creates a false Christology.

Here’s PureSexRadio on the issue of homosexuality and idolatory which is an interesting adjunct to that understanding. Please note, this internet radio spot doesn’t make the same Christological point that I do, but it’s interesting listening assuming that you agree with the basic signification theology I outlined previously.


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  1. Hi Peter
    I have only just discovered your site. I find it fascinating that you obviously have a strong interest in high church ritual but are quite young. I left my Parish church because the new young vicar whilst claiming to be orthodox and catholic was actually more of a New Age Religion Guy. However he knew all the right eucharist moves and is very charming, so most of the old ladies love him (however none of them took up his efforts to get them to join Inclusive Church). Many of they are still perplexed why all the young families left.
    Since then I have been to 2 other churches claiming to be Anglo catholic with young clergy that have both been actively lobbying for the gay rights party.

  2. Hi Mike,

    I can see that you’re based in Sheffield, which is where I grew up. If you don’t mind me asking, which are the specific churches that you’re talking about?

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