Christmas (Contemporary)

Last night our church had its annual Contemporary Christmas Service and below are some of the videos we used. The first was the "altar call" done in the style of the recent Radio One adverts in cinemas here in the UK.

Yes, the stunningly attractive lady in the red hoodie (also featuring in the bloopers at the end) is the gorgeous Mrs Dr Ould.

The second are a series of "PC and Mac" spoofs used throughout the evening…


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  1. Hi Winston,

    Yes. We are unfortunately in a part of East Herts with a very low non-AngloSaxon population. We do have a number of foreign members who tend to be attending the Missionary College nearby (so at the moment there are folks from Germany, Nepal, Zimbabwe to name but a few countries), but on the whole we tend not to have many non-AS. It’s a demographic thing which has is much more to do with the area we live in rather than the welcoming (or lack of it) from our church and others.

    Ware is one of the least multi-cultural places I have ever lived!!!!!

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