A Momentous Occasion

An event of truly historic proportions has just occured in the Ould household. Another milestone has been set on Reuben’s long journey into ever increasing functionality as a human being.

At 17.49 hours (GMT), Friday 5th of February, 2009, just 5 days shy of being 9 months old, Reuben Johannes Hugh Ould is officilly declared to have had his first ever proper strop. The events leading up to this new zenith involved three consective droppings of the sippy cup on the floor, followed by Mama’s prising of fingers off the sippy cup to prevent a fourth occurence of willful non-drinkage. The eruption of tears and cries that ensued could be heard for miles and the protestations at the reigning in of Reuben’s ego went on for a full five minutes, unabated by any attempt to distract.

Mother and Father were last reported trying (and failing) very, very hard not to dissolve into laughter…

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