5 Comments on “Back to the Basics

  1. And right now I have had some uncharitable thoughts about this video (well more particularly the song) but, hey, it takes all sorts….

  2. Well I was just thinking it was a great shame that we can’t get people like Lily Allen or the Killers converted and get some half decent Christian music/lyrics…..  sorry but I hate this sort of  ghetto-ized pap and think its a terrible witness.  Now I’m off to repent!

  3. Never heard of him until now – but I avidly avoid this sort of stuff since it completely turned me off Charismatic worship.   “Can you get excited church!”  Really – No!   Just can’t understand what people see in it.  As I said, it takes all sorts – my grandma likes Daniel O’Donnell!  Each to their own.

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