No #3 – Vasanthi Gnanadoss

Vasanthi, one of the eight who voted no to the motion on the Uniqueness of Christ, has replied to my request for an understanding of why she voted as she did. Here is what she had to say:

I could not possibly have voted for this motion because the underlying claim was not that Christ is unique but that Christianity is superior. This claim was supported in the debate only by internal Christian sources such as the bible and by a series of personal anecdotes. There are, of course, plenty of anecdotes to the contrary that were not mentioned. Objectively, we Christians and Christianity as a whole will have a lot to answer for on the day of judgement. In the meantime it is our responsibility under God to act towards other people of faith with humility and a sense of realism about our own shortcomings. We should stress our common humanity and our readiness to learn from one another and be open-minded about what God is doing in our multi faith society.

Interesting, but surely if Christ is unique then Christianity is by its very nature superior? Feel free to comment below.

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