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A while back I experimented with using commenting systems that were external to wordpress (which this site runs on) to help enhance the conversation here. In particular I wanted to be able to let comments be threaded, so when one of you replies specifically to another comment that reply can be seen connected to the original comment. This would enhance the management of several different individual conversations under one blog post.

When I originally explored going this I quickly gave up as the various systems didn’t quite do the job. However, it looks as though Intense Debate have got their act together and their commenting system is now vastly improved and increasingly geared up to integrate seamlessly with wordpress.

So…. I’m going to have a little experiment with Intense Debate commenting. From this publication of this post there will be a slightly different commenting system below each blog item and I’d appreciate a little bit of experimentation and feedback on your behalf as whether you like it and want it to stay.

Over to you folks.

Update – You may have noticed that I have turned off Intense Debate and moved to using the inbuilt threading that apparently was already there!!!! Thanks to Karen B who pointed it out to me. I believe the advantage of doing this is that it allows us to maintain editing of comments and WYSIWYG writing. Let me know what you think.

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  1. OK,

    You’ll have noticed that I’ve turned the threaded system off for the moment. I’m experimenting with trying to get the inbuilt threading in WordPress to work!!

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