11 Comments on “Eurovision 2009

  1. Wow, that’s talent!

    And, um, if all the fellows there look like that, then… well let’s just say for the sake of my mental purity I won’t be heading to Norway. :)

  2. Peter, are you sure that you are post-gay? This is not the first time you have delighted us with an image of youthful beauty.

      • I didn’t think you said anything positive about the guys in this video anyhow, Peter? For what it’s worth I thought he was cute and the blokes in the background were very athletic and …easy on the eye. I thought the women’s dresses were a bit dowdy and didn’t do them credit though – and they moped about to the side a bit, didn’t they, whereas the guys were- strutting their stuff. I love Eurovision, it is so gay, isn’t it?

  3. I’m afraid I am mystified by it all, I don’t understand why the whole of Europe should be overcome by this lemming-like urge to vote for Norway. The song wasn’t so marvellous …
    Mind you, at least the general standard of the songs was noticeably better than for the last few years; unfortunately no one of them stood out as significantly better than the others so I ended up not voting!
    As for looks, I would have plumped for the first guy (he of the jauntily-angled trilby – was he Lithuania or Latvia?).

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