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How to win a PR Battle

How do you win a PR battle? Lesson 1, brief your media. Look at this story in yesterday’s Church Times. Bishop Dakin’s decision over Jersey upheld A JUDGE reviewing a safeguarding complaint in Jersey has upheld the decision by the

Anglican Unscripted 96

In which I discuss that interview that Justin Welby did on LBC. Remember to listen for Peter’s axiom of orthodoxy #1.

Cure Me, I’m Gay

You know, it is possible to make a great documentary that is lousy science. In Cure Me, I’m Gay, TV doctor Christian Jessen made a tour around various therapies and approaches to reduce homosexuality (the eponimous host of Embarrassing Bodies

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The Press Release wot Justin Didn’t Write (Or Possibly Even See)

I like Justin Welby. I know that may come as a surprise to some of you, but I like him, I really do. I think he’s a clever, witty, thoughtful, orthodox Archbishop who may yet be the best thing to happen

Andrea, Jamaica, and the Refusal to Answer Questions

Today I contacted Lester Feder, the journalist who wrote the BuzzFeed story about Andrea Minichiello Williams. Lester writes on LGBT stories for BuzzFeed and so it appears he flew over to Jamaica to be at the conference where Andrea spoke.

Trans Pansexuality

Watching Only Connect last night on BBC Four (we’re high-brow in the Ould household don’t ya know), I have to admit I took one look at one of the female contestants and thought “Is she or isn’t she?” To see