4 Comments on “Bring Back Betty!!

  1. She could really kick ass! Thank God we live in a time when women’s gifts and talents are now beginning to be recognised and appreciated alongside those of men. Now it is time for the Church to grow up, catch up and stop missing out! Full steam ahead for women as Bishops!

  2. Thank you Peter! I used to watch Betty on CSPAN here in the states and simply assumed that was the way the job was done. I’ve since learned differently :)

  3. Thanks for these clips Peter – love her style! I understand no woman has been proposed to replace Mr Martin… anyone think of any female MPs who could do the job? – suggestions of Ann Widdecombe will be voted down :)


    • In the Radio Times there was a suggestion that Glenda Jackson might be a good idea for the post (and she might have a suitably regal presence – Good Queen Bess was superb at managing her parliaments, and if Glenda could cope with Morecombe and Wise she could cope with anyone); perhaps she thinks so too as she claims she has no ambitions in that direction …

      [For any foreigners whom I may be mystifying, Queen Elizabeth I was one of Ms Jackson’s best known roles in her previous incarnation as an actress.]

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