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  1. Thanks for posting this Peter. I had never heard of Sy Rodgers before. It’s the first time I’ve seen a camp evangelist. I visited his website and found the following great quote from one of his articles:

    (SQ) The New Testament church in Corinth was having some problems with maturity, because those new believers had grown up in a very pagan society – sex was big business in Corinth, sex and being sexual and sensual was highly esteemed, not much different from society today – and so there were sexual problems in the church.

    “Some of you here”, says Paul to them, “slept around before you were married, and some of you committed adultery, and some of you earned your money in the sex business, and some of you were homosexual. People who persist in living this way do not inherit the kingdom of God, some of you used to be like that, but now you’re not. Your sin is forgiven. You have been justified because of Jesus. You have a new identity.”

    This is the only biblical record that we have of ex-homosexuals existing in the New Testament church, 2000 year old evidence that some of the members of the New Testament church in Corinth came out of homosexual backgrounds, along with other sexually sinful backgrounds. (EQ)

    This says so much better some of the points I have been trying to make in my recent posts.

    I also notice that, like me, he lives in the two-thirds world. He seems to be part of a trend that I have observed, where God is using the links between orthodox first world and two-thirds world Christians to begin the process of re-evangelising Europe and North America.

  2. What an awesome God we serve to see and hear testimony coming from Sy. God bless him as you hear Sy speak what God has brought him out of. Glory to God! Amen

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