Win a Free Copy of Bibleworks 8

All you need to do is enter a competition. It’s a doozy!!

What is the major prize?

BibleWorks 8I’m pleased to announce that has procured two copies of BibleWorks 8 as prizes — the premier software tool for original language exegesis of the Biblical text. Each copy of BibleWorks 8 is valued at $349 (US). It is a tremendous privilege to be able to give opportunity for two of my readers to win a copy of this terrific software package. I trust it will be used of the Lord in your sanctification, and His glory.

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    • I’m not afraid in the slightest. I realised that I was getting wound up by something I should actually just ignore. Yes, he’s completely personally insulted me (and this isn’t the first occasion), but I should just let it ride.

  1. An insult by a complete nutter is actually a kind of back handed compliment ( that's what I tell myself when this happens.)

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