Have we thought this through properly?

The BBC is getting all excited about a new scientific breakthrough.

Scientists in Newcastle claim to have created human sperm in the laboratory in what they say is a world first.

They began with stem cell lines derived from human embryos donated following IVF treatment.

The stem cells had been removed when the embryo was a few days old and were stored in tanks of liquid nitrogen.

The stem cells were brought to body temperature and put in a chemical mixture to encourage them to grow. They were “tagged” with a genetic marker which enabled the scientists to identify and separate so-called “germline” stem cells from which eggs and sperm are developed.

The male, XY stem cells underwent the crucial process of “meiosis” – halving the number of chromosomes. The process over creating and developing the sperm took four to six weeks.

So let me get this straight. In order to help create a baby (which is what the point of having sperm is after all), you first create a baby (the embryo from which the stem cells are taken), you then murder that baby (by taking it apart to get the stem cells) and then you use those stem cells from the murdered baby to create sperm that *might* create another baby.

Am I the only person who sees the irony of this?

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