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As part of my strategy to deal with comment spam effectively and to make the experience of regular users easier, I have now activated member registration on the website!! By going here you can now register with the site and in doing so help me to validate your comments.

The more people register, the more useful this feature will be. It only takes a moment and once done you can begin to personalise your experience of the site.

Update – OK, there seem to be major problems with the registration system. I’ve suspended it for the time being.

15 Comments on “Register with An Exercise

  1. Hi Peter,

    am happy to register but I take it this wouldn’t impact on previous comments at all? Also I guess I would need to sign in in order to comment each time?


  2. Can’t register either. Also coming up “Too Short” at the set password bit irrespective of how many characters I enter.

  3. I tried and it didn’t work either. It rejected me after the second try.
    Ah well, my comments have not ended up in spam before (to my knowledge) so I will continue to comment.

  4. I also tried it twice and it didn’t work. I’m pretty sure that I typed in the Captcha code words correctly, but on the second try I was told that I was ‘restricted’. And a good job too some people may say! :-)

  5. Peter

    Oops, I added two comments to Carolyn and Blair respectively last night but I forgot to type in the ‘Captcha’ codes. Sorry! Please can you fish them out of the Spam bin and post them.

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